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Ride Like the Wind 11-2023

If You Could Read My Mind 10-2023

Still Remembering You 10-2023

Little Red Riding Hood 10-2023

Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire 10-2023

Smooth Operator 9-2023

No Tengo Dinero 9-2023

People Gotta Move 8-2023

Let Your Love Flow 8-2023

For The Good Times 8-2023

Musica Romantica 8-2023

Take Five 7-2023

Take It Easy 7-2023

Some Tequila and a Plan  3-2023

Save The Best For Last  3-2023

The Dream 2-2023

Mandolin Rain  2-2023

Have You Ever Seen The Rain? 2-2023

Remembering Spring 2-2023

Losing In My Religion 2-2023

Castles in the Air  1-2023

All Alone in the Evening  1-2023

La Carcacha 12-2022

Tus Mentiras 12-2022

If I Fell  12-2022

Moonlight Sonata 12-2022

Take On Me  11-2022

Cherish 11-2022

Hot Friends 11-2022

Reverie  11-2022

Crazy Love 10-2022

Chameleon 10-2022

Play That Funky Music 10-2022

Killer Joe 10-2022

Live To Tell 9-2022

Good Hearted Woman 9-2022

I'm Not In Love 9-2022

How Deep Is Your Love 9-2022

Waiting for the Sun 8-2022

La Mujer Que Soñé 8-2022

Beer Barrel Polka 8-2022

Let's Escape In A Glass Of Beer 8-2022

Open Your Heart 7-2022

Wind of Change 7-2022

Smells Like Teen Spirit 7-2022

Light My Fire 7-2022

Woman in the Waves 6-2022

Duele el Corazon 5-2022

Sacrifice 5-2022

Pick up the Pieces 5-2022

Frankenstein 5-2022

Muñeca de Ojos de Miel 4-2022

El Noa Noa  3-2022

Donde Esta El Bano?

Brain Drain

Happy Together 3-2022

Welcome to my World  3-2022

Little Red Riding Hood  2-2022

My Funny Valentine 1-2022

Killing Me Softly With Her Song  11-2021

Margaritaville 10-2021

Help Me Make it Through the Night 7-2023

Nights in White Satin

Neo Terra


For The Good Times

I Won't Hold You Back

Still Loving You

Ode To San Luis Rio Colorado

Seňor Cárlos

Beer Time

Scarborough Fair

Love Me Tender


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